August 21, 2017: Don't Miss the Eclipse!

Billings, Montana's Trailhead, offers you affordable lodging to this amazing natural event! The city of Billings will experience 93.3% totality of the eclipse and is within an easy morning’s drive to locations experiencing up to 100% totality. And, as Billings has the infrastructure to accommodate a large population, your access to comfortable, affordable rooms, outstanding dining, and great cell service will be easy, too. Billings is ready for you!

"One of nature's most awe-inspiring sights" - NASA

While Billings is located just above the path of totality, our wide open spaces and big skies help with the viewing. And, as locations within the path of totality completely fill with viewers, you’ll find a little elbow room here as well! If you’re coupling your viewing of the eclipse with a visit to Yellowstone National Park, Billings leads you right to the Beartooth Highway, the most beautiful entrance into the Park.

What will I experience during the eclipse?

Essentially, the eclipse occurs when the moon moves in front of the sun, covering it completely for a very short time. The eclipse will be viewable in Billings from 10:21am – 1:02 pm with the maximum coverage occuring at 11:39am. Stars come out, the horizon glows with a 360-degree sunset, the temperature drops, and day turns to night. The darkness of the sky gives you a unique view of the beautiful corona that surrounds the sun. IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll want to pick up a pair of eclipse glasses to see this event take place; looking directly at the sun without these specialized glasses could cause eye damage. The Billings Public Library (at the second floor reference desk) is offering free glasses through August 21st.

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Check out this collection of "Songs to get you ready for total eclipse." You can't help but get in the mood!

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View the map of percent of totality in Montana locations

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