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Burn the Point Classic Car Show

Saturday at 10 am the show opens to several thousand folks who pour over the classic cars on display at Rocky Mountain College Fields on the South side of campus, off Poly Drive. For only $3 (or $2 and a Pepsi Can) you can take your time looking these beauties over. Almost 300 strong, there’s a lot to look at. A variety of vendors offer food and beverages on what is always a sunny summer day. Over a hundred trophies are given, and the judges are the sponsors of the trophies; can’t be more fair than that. A lot full of cars, music, good food and drink…how do you beat a day like that for 3 bucks?
As much as we love dogs, they are not allowed at the show, so please leave fido at home. While you are here, there is also a swap-meet and a car corral going on.  Parking —  Off Rimrock RD, 13th Street W, 17th ST W, and 1st Presbyterian Church (SW corner of 13th & Poly) We will have shuttle service from the upper parking lots and Handicap Parking (use West Poly Dr. entrance).


Date: 09/02/2017
Time: 8:00 am

Rocky Mountain College
1511 Poly Dr
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 657-1000

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