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Lamar Valley Tour357mi    7hrs

The Lamar Valley Tour packs a huge amount of drama in a long day ride fit for the motorcyclist that can handle hours upon hours in the saddle.

Grand Tour470mi    10.5hrs

If your one criteria is to see everything both Montana and Wyoming has to offer, consolidated into less than 500 miles, this loop might be it.

Bighorn Canyon Historic Tour277mi    5hrs

The Bighorn Canyon is an often overlooked area within a half day’s ride of Billings.

Fort Smith Loop193mi    5.5hrs

The Fort Smith Loop might be the perfect opportunity to check out some of the more remote scenic byways in an area many people don’t think of when planning a ride.

Park Loop401mi    8hrs

Your visit to Billings wouldn’t be complete without a trip into the famous Yellowstone National Park.

Chief Joseph Loop302mi    6.5hrs

Another gem in the northwestern part of Wyoming and within striking distance of Billings is Chief Joseph Scenic Highway (WY 296).

Medicine Wheel Passage308mi    7hrs

This tour routes motorcyclists up and over the Medicine Wheel Passage of the Bighorn Mountains.

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