Mommy & Me - Valentine Stamp & Card Class at Better to Gather Events



Date & Time



4:00 pm

Moms, grab your kiddos and come get creative with us at Black Dog Coffee House! There is nothing sweeter than receiving something handmade from those you love. In this class you will be able to sit with your little ones and help them make their very own Valentine’s Day stamp and cards. Don’t worry, you will join in on the fun and make your own too. In this class you will carve your own plate (or stamp) using a soft cut and traditional carving blade. What is so cool about this process? You will be able to take your plate home and it can be used multiple times to make wrapping paper, designs on fabric or additional cards. This means it doesn’t HAVE to be Valentines Day themed. You can make a stamp with your last name or one that says “thank you”! Once your stamp is made, you will be able to make 6 cards at Black Dog. If you want to make more than 6, or if your kids want to make their class Valentines, bring additional paper from home! Cost of class is $25. This includes 1 custom stamp + 6 cards. An additional custom stamp + 3 cards is $15 (perfect for friends & kids). Deadline to register is February 6th. We hope to see you there! ️
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