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Best Places to Eat and Drink in Billings, Montana
October 30, 2019

Billings, Montana blew me away with their food scene. Between classic western diners, to modern martini bars, to the only walkable beer trail in the state, there is so much happening here it needed a separate blog! Here are just a few of the incredible places to stop when you visit Billings.

1.Walkers Grill

Walkers takes locally-sourced ingredients and turns them into modern masterpieces. Their everchanging menu features the best of western comfort foods to international dishes alike. The historic building has an urban vibe that is both welcoming and artsy. On Sunday’s they have live jazz. We had dinner here tapas-style to sample a little bit of everything and it did not disappoint!

2. The Burger Dive

There is a reason The Burger Dive was crowned “Burger Champion” at the World Food Championship! Their locally-sourced burgers are made fresh daily and the combinations they create are mind-blowing. With ingredients like Huckleberry hatch chilis, bourbon date and coke barbecue sauce, and goat cheese, these burgers are unlike any other I’ve ever had! Top it off with an Oatmeal Cream Pie or Flaming S’more Shake and you have the perfect diner meal!

3. Martini’s at Doc Harper’s

While I expected good burgers in Montana, one thing I didn’t expect was an amazing martini bar! Doc Harper’s has mixologists creating martini’s and speciality cocktails that will blow you out of the water. An upscale big-city vibe and lady back atmosphere make this place an amazing stop for a night out in Billings.

4. Brunch at The Sassy Biscuit

We almost didn’t have time to grab brunch at The Sassy Biscuit and I’m so happy we made the time to stop! The culinary inspiration here is all about the biscuit…with a twist…They use their homemade biscuits to create pressed shortcakes, spooned cakes, and griddled cakes. From the savory gravy-based breakfast dishes to the sweet pancakes and waffles (can we just say cookiebutter waffles!!!), there is something for every taste here. Top it off with a maple latte to start your day off on the right foot!

5. Walk the Brew Trail

Billings has the only walkable beer trail in Montana, all within a 1.5-mile radius. With 6 breweries, 2 distilleries, and a cider house, you can’t go wrong! We visited Montana Brewing Company (twice), Carter’s Brewing, Uberbrew, Yellowstone Valley, and Last Chance Pub (also twice). Most places offered flights which is ideal so that you can test as many kinds as possible. Montana definitely knows how to brew!

6. Dine AND STAY at The Northern Hotel

The Northern Hotel was built in 1902 and was the epicenter of town. After a fire in 1940 and a few ownership changes, it reopened in 2013 and has taken it’s place back as the heart of Billings. Not only is it a magnificent place to stay, but it also houses two incredible restaurants.
The Ten restaurant is everything you could want from a fine-dining meal, and with some Montana flair. We went for a good steak meal and ended up having a spectacular Elk steak! With cocktails, good lighting, and live music, the Ten is a perfect place for a romantic night out.
If you’re looking for something more low-key, Bernie’s Diner is also located in The Northern. It’s the quality of a high-end meal with diner classics, right down to their homemade shakes.
I loved that staying at The Northern, we got to experience both amazing establishments, all without even leaving the hotel!
There are so many other places that we didn’t even get to try, but every single stop we made had me craving more. Billings is an amazing food and drink city and has a lot to offer. Make sure when you come, you come hungry!
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