Explore Like a Local

Explore Like a Local

You love traveling to visit old friends, but also dream of visiting bucket-list destinations like Billings. There's no need to choose.

Just make some new friends, right here in the Trailhead of Awesome!

P.S. Just in case anyone questions why you’re visiting Billings or doubts that you have super cool compadres here, click “connect” under your favorite video. You’ll receive a custom postcard as proof that you’re visiting one of your besties in Billings.

Meet Our Trail Guides

Get the inside scoop on exploring Billings like an "Outsider" through our Trail Guides Program.
Our Trail Guides are the local experts showing you the path toward an epic Montana adventure.

Learn More from Our Locals

Trailhead Tuesdays Video Series

From fly fishing to fine dining, there’s an expert who calls Billings home and can help you forge a path to an awesome adventure in Montana’s Trailhead. Hear what they have to say about the best ways to pursue your passions under Billings’ big Montana skies.
Pack your saddle bags and get ready to forge your own path in Billings. Spend some time browsing our site to learn more about thrilling outdoor adventures that await, or the local museums and monuments that celebrate our region’s Native American heritage. Or simply plan to relax and rediscover wellness the Billings way.
Be sure to check out our events page so you’re sure not to miss out on entertaining events our locals love like MontanaFair, the Big Sky Balloon Rally and Burn the Point.
Don’t forget to plot a course to discover the mouthwatering creations of our talented local culinary artists, or to take a libation-filled journey along the self-guided Billings Brew Trail
We look forward to hosting you!
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