Family Adventures

Family Adventures

There’s no one way to explore Billings as a family. Because no matter the path you choose, you’ll forge an adventure that inspires, enlightens and energizes you and all the kids, from toddlers to teens.

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Set the wagon on a course to learn all about the West with visits to cultural and historic sites like the Yellowstone Art Museum, the Western Heritage Center and the Yellowstone County Museum.


Challenge curious minds of all ages at Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Museum and the Grand Escape Room.


And don’t forget to explore outdoors. With year-round adventures from skiing and snowboarding at Red Lodge Mountain to family hikes atop the 70-million-year-old Rimrocks, there are countless ways to experience Montana’s rugged western landscape.

Can you guess how many stomachs a bison has? Or why a peacock has such brilliant plumage? Discover all this and more when you visit Winston the sloth and all of the animals at ZooMontana. Go wild!
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