The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! The action! The excitement! The napping?

ZooMontana is proud to announce that our newest resident, Winston the sloth, has finally situated in his new home and is ready to welcome you and your family for a visit.

As the preeminent entertainer of his species (and possibly the entire animal kingdom), he knows his fans are number one, and the last thing he’d want is to disappoint you.

So be sure to plan ahead by contacting ZooMontana before you visit, as health and safety precautions may limit the number of visitors the Zoo (and Winston, of course) can host at the same time.

Fear not if you’re unable to visit right away. For as long as it took him to get here, he assures us he has no plans of leaving anytime soon. Same goes for all his best friends like Bert, Fierca and Bruno. What a crew they are!

Please continue following Winston on Instagram at @Sloth_ZooMontana, and share his profile with friends, love ones, and even loose acquaintances.

(He wants to be a social media influencer.)

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