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Why you need to stop by the Yellowstone Art Museum this Summer!
June 22, 2023


The Yellowstone Art Museum is a must-visit this summer, particularly before June 25th, 2023! Known as the YAM, it is one of Billings’ most renowned museums, showcasing some of the most gorgeous and abstract paintings, structures, and photographs allowing your mind to be at peace- in the quiet solitude of the walls surrounding you.  


Upon entering, I was welcomed by friendly staff who were enthusiastic to talk about exhibits and upcoming events at the YAM. Admission to the Yellowstone Art Museum is affordably priced at under $15 per person, and you have the ability to stay as long as you would like whether that is 15 minutes or an hour. 


Walking down the first-floor hallway I discovered a few rooms decorated with beautiful abstract artworks that are meant to make you think about Perspective, Place & Community. Each piece drew me in and allowed me to interpret how it made me feel, truly allowing me to delve deeper into my own emotions, thoughts, and current situations.  



As I went up the stairs I came to the Passage of Christine Joy and Sara Mast. Christine Joy's art pieces are made of willow branches bent and twisted to create abstract sculptures. In the photo below you will see a beautiful knotted bunch of willow branches that mimic “sound”.  




This is a piece you just have to see in person! The colors and texture of the branches bent to be the portrayed image of sound are something you can not fully experience through an image! 


Sara Mast’s work is featured in the same Passage. Mast works largely with PEM glass from waste materials. Now you might have the same question I did: what is PEM glass and how is it made from waste? Vitrification is the process that makes this possible, it is the complete or partial transformation of a substance that does not have a crystal-like texture (such as waste, dirt, or ground trash)  into a glass-like substance. The two pieces I found most fascinating were “Source” and “Redeemed” (Redeemed Featured Below) 




Now to answer the question of why you have to make it to the Yellowstone Art Museum before June 25th! The Photographs looking through the Lens of Barbara Van Cleve capture the true beauty under the Big Sky! Cleve is one of the most recognized photographers in the ranching & landscape genre, she found her passion for photography when she was just 11 years old with a camera her parents gifted her. 


You have to come and get lost in these moments captured in time. No soundtrack is needed, these black-and-white images capture the feeling of living in Montana in a manner unmatched by any other medium. 




Just outside of the Barbara Van Cleve Exhibit, you will find stunning structures by Adrian Arleo, Tracy Linder & Deborah Butterfield! If you love the heart of Montana and are interested in ranching and farm life you will love these stunning carefully crafted sculptures! 




While I covered many of my favorite exhibits at Yellowstone Art Museum, there is so much more to see & experience! Make a stop by between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday and check out for more information!  

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