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Santa's Helpers Strike in Billings!
November 22, 2016

Recently, Billings, Montana’s Trailhead had a visit from some of Santa’s helpers! The Visit Billings team is proud to Shop, Share, and Spread the Cheer. One of the ways we did that was to go out into the community and find people visiting our great city to give them gift cards for gas and coffee. Of course the team was so excited to get out there and meet visitors but first, we had to have a little #mannequinchallenge fun. Check out how Santa’s helpers get excited to go out into the community here.


The elves split into two groups. One group covered the airport and downtown, while the other ventured to the west end. Both groups were able to find guests from Idaho, Wyoming and Minnesota! One of the guests from Wyoming was leaving Scheels getting ready for a large annual trap shoot and had come to Billings to gear up. A young couple from Minnesota had been traveling through the state and was headed home and our new friend from Idaho is attending college here in Billings at Rocky Mountain College. A young family from Wyoming was here on a weekend getaway to visit and was so excited to get free gas.


Our team loves spreading cheer! Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more of our Billings Secret Santa fun! And keep your eyes peeled because the fun has just begun! To plan your holiday trip to Billings, click here.

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