This is Billings, and you can say we’re outsiders all year long. Where others see cold and ice, we see excitement. While the timid seek shelter ‘til spring, we look to the great indoors to keep our spirits warm. And all that snow is just a gift to our most adventurous souls.

Horus Witherfork is back with more sage advice on surviving
the coolness of Billings!

The Perils of Ice Fishing and Other Cautionary Tales - An Epilogue to the “Keeping it Cool Guide to Wintering Like You Mean It”


This latest contribution to a more survival-ready society is dedicated to my dear friend and mentor, Gene Cornfoot, who is also imaginary and currently living in a cave with a den of bears to study their eating habits. I’ve not heard from him in some time, but I look forward to reading what will surely be a stunning discovery.

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like you mean it

Here in Montana's Trailhead, we thrive on cooler temperatures, and we forge our own paths during the chilled months. Paths like the 1.5-mile Billings Brew Trail, winding its way through our historic downtown. Or the short strolls between award-winning restaurants, renowned theaters and places to hunker down for a nightcap. And don’t forget the vertical routes carved in deep powder descending the steep mountain faces of Red Lodge.

Don’t Just Survive. Thrive in Winter!

discover how we celebrate winter by attending a festive event or two at some of the coolest venues in town

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