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Hello, Ladies!

Hello, Ladies!

Hello, Ladies!

I was checking out the analytics on my Instagram profile. Almost 90 percent of my followers are human females. Sounds like someone is a ladies’ man!

I guess that qualifies me to give you some ideas on how to plan the perfect girls’ getaway weekend this winter here in Billings. But just to be sure, I consulted some of my lady friends here at ZooMontana – Uki the Badger and Roxy the Box Turtle. They helped me come up with some really great ideas I think you will love.

So, my first question to them was, “what sorts of things do women like to do when they are on vacation?” Uki and Roxy recommended I include shopping in Billings, our beer trail as well as some great places to eat in my recommendations.

I’m going to start with shopping, because that’s my least favorite. Right in Downtown Billings, you’ll find a lot of unique specialty boutiques like Cricket Clothing, SOMETHINGchic, the Joy of Living, and Liberty and Vine. You’ll also want to check out Shiloh Crossing. It’s a newly built shopping center that has, like, a ton of stores and restaurants. You might even find something special to buy for your favorite sloth (me).

While I am a boy, I have a sensitive side and can deeply appreciate fine arts. So I think you will enjoy the gallery of world renowned artist, Harry Koyama, which features the artist’s breath taking impressions on the American west. Unfortunately, I am not included among those breathtaking images. Yet.

You might also want to check out the Yellowstone Art Museum, which features rotating exhibits and collections of art, significantly on Montana and its surrounding regions.

Now, onto the Billings Brew Trail. If you read my post about the time Bert and I completed the trail (and you really should), then you’ll understand I have some expertise in this area. The Billings Brew Trail is Montana’s only walkable brew trail at 1.5 miles so it’s pretty easy to get around if walking is your thing. There are eight stops on the walkable portion of the trail in addition to three locations “off the brewed path,” each serving up a variety of craft beers, ciders and spirits along with some great eats.

Speaking of eats, I bet you like breakfast and brunch. Be sure to start your days by visiting one of downtown Billings’ breakfast spots like Stella’s Kitchen and Bakery, Bernie’s Diner or Sassy Biscuit. I’ve also been told that Bin 119 is a place where you can enjoy what humans call an “elevated brunch.”

Last but certainly not least, you will want to visit me at ZooMontana, right?

Well, I hope this information inspires you to visit Montana’s Trailhead this winter. And if for some reason it doesn’t, blame Uki and Roxy.