Slothies on the Rimrocks and Other Great Scenery

Slothies on the Rimrocks and Other Great Scenery

Slothies on the Rimrocks and Other Great Scenery


As a social media influencer and local celebrity, I’ve become pretty skilled at taking slothies (or as you humans might call them, “selfies”) that get lots of likes on my Instagram page. So for all my loyal fans, I’ve compiled a shortlist of some of my top locations for taking selfies in Billings, the Trailhead of Awesome. The great thing about these spots is that, sure, you get a great picture that all of your friends and family will love. But you also get to enjoy some of the best scenery this side of the sweet potato patch. Fair warning though: some of these locations require hiking. So if you’re able, I recommend finding a human to carry you to the destinations like I do.

Pompeys Pillar

Way back in 1806, this guy named Captain William Clark carved his name into some sandstone on the Rimrocks, and that area is now called Pompeys Pillar National Monument. Apparently, he is famous for some expedition he did with this other fella named Lewis. Anyways, Pompeys Pillar is a rock outcropping that is about 200 feet high and overlooking the Yellowstone River, so it’s perfect for selfies and other pictures of the landscape below. I wanted to carve “Winston was here” into the rock, but my entourage warned me that would be disrespectful to this national treasure, not to mention highly illegal. So no touching, please.

Four Dances Recreation Area

Another great place to take slothies on the Rimrocks and overlooking the Yellowstone River is the Four Dances Recreation Area. Humans usually park and then hike up a trail to this spot. There are places along the trail that are more than 500 feet high over the river below, so be careful! Fortunately, I am an excellent climber so I wasn’t very scared. There are also trails that lead down right to the Yellowstone if you want to get a closer look at the water.

Beartooth Highway

Slothie spots along the Beartooth Highway are some of my favorites because all I have to do is sit back in the ZooMontana van and just hop out whenever I catch a glimpse of some Insta-worthy scenery (well, technically I first ask Bert to pull over, and then I hop out). The highway is often regarded as the most beautiful entrance into Yellowstone National Park. The roadway reaches a peak of nearly 11,000 feet at Beartooth Pass making it the highest paved road in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Plus, there are more than 20 mountain peaks visible on the horizon – a perfect backdrop for your social media photos.


This list should definitely get you started on the right path to social media stardom during your next visit to Billings – the Trailhead of Awesome. But the quickest way to launch yourself into the upper echelons of influencers is to stop by ZooMontana for a selfie-slothie combo with your favorite two-toed sloth.


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