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Tips for Making Snow Angels: Outdoor Adventures

Tips for Making Snow Angels: Outdoor Adventures

Tips for Making Snow Angels: Outdoor Adventures

I don’t mean to brag, but I am pretty awesome at making snow angels. Probably the best in all of Billings. Maybe even in Montana. The trick is to make sure you move your arms and legs nice and slowly, so you make a clean pattern in the snow. As a sloth, I have an obvious advantage with this technique.

It can get pretty cold in Billings during the winter months and making snow angels is one way I “stay active.” But there are plenty of ways you can forge your own path in Billings through outdoor winter adventures. So, if snow angels aren’t your thing, here are some of the best outdoor activities I’ve learned about here in Billings.

If you’re completely unlike me in that you prefer things like exercise, then you’ll feel right at home at Red Lodge Mountain. It’s only an hour away from Downtown Billings, and it provides visitors with a fantastic location to ski, snowboard and even snowshoe. If you have any baby sloths (er, I mean younger humans) in your group, this is a spot where beginners will feel comfortable, with bunny hills and a convenient ski school option. Not sure why they’re called bunny hills. I’ve seen no bunnies there. Just FYI.

If you’re really into the snowshoe thing, check out Two Moon or Riverfront Park for what I’m told is a beautiful hike right next to the Yellowstone River. You can also cross-country ski at certain parks in Billings if you really wanted to. It’s not really my thing, but this is your adventure.

Speaking of adventure, there’s plenty to be experienced even if you have regular shoes on your paws. Billings is home to hundreds of acres of city parks and 47 miles of walking and biking trails surrounding the city.

The stretch of trail along the Rimrocks is a fantastic place to take in the mountains. These sandstone bluffs surround the city and are estimated to be at least 70 million years old, which is pretty old, I think. Zimmerman Park, Swords Rimrock Park and Phipps Park all offer more challenging hiking or mountain biking options among the sandstone formations.

Yellowstone National Park is our region’s biggest draw, and while it is busiest in the summer, winter can still provide plenty of entertainment. Access to the park is restricted during the winter months, but you can still tour using a guided snowmobile or snow-coach. And let’s be honest - that sounds a heck of a lot better than hiking anyways.

Sledding at Pioneer Park is a wintertime favorite that the entire family can enjoy. This is my kind of thing! You simply just sit on the sled and enjoy the ride. The only downside from my perspective is getting back up the hill. Exhausting! I recommend you find a gullible human to pull you back.

I’m not able to partake in this next activity since I prefer to be upside-down, but humans seem to love it. Ice skating is allegedly an enjoyable activity in Montana’s Trailhead. During winter months, ice is put down at Veteran’s Park, where people grab some skates, dress warm, and take a spin around the rink! If you’re set on ice skating in Billings, you can also visit Centennial Ice Arena for an indoor experience.

And, of course, you can come visit your favorite sloth blogger at ZooMontana. True – this is not necessarily outdoor adventure, but I feel no shame in blatant self-promotion.