Trail Guide Resources

Trail Guide Resources

As you become a Certified Tourism Ambassador for Billings, we’ll help you understand even more than you know already about our amazing city and what we offer visitors.

From the Billings Brew Trail and the best places to eat in the city, to outdoor adventure and road-tripping through the region, you’ll be among the most knowledgeable people on the Billings scene.
We’ve also curated a series of brief videos you can reference to take a deeper dive into our local culture as you become a Certified Tourism Ambassador.
Our Certified Tourism Ambassadors are known as Trail Guides.
In Billings, we encourage visitors to forge their own paths. No matter if you’re interested in outdoor adventure, Western heritage, Montana cuisine, or a combination of it all, there is a trail you can follow to a memorable getaway.
So, as a Trail Guide, or Certified Tourism Ambassador, you can help our visitors find that perfect path to discover what they’ll enjoy most about Billings.


These specialized videos feature expert content covering a variety of different categories. Refresh your memory on everything Billings has to offer. Who knows, you may discover a piece of our city you never knew existed.

Learn about making bespoke hats with Brad Tildon.

Discover the Billings craft brew scene with local brewer Shea Dawson.

Billings 101 and facilitating visitors with excellence.