Winston and Director Jeff Spin a Yarn

Winston and Director Jeff Spin a Yarn

Winston and Director Jeff Spin a Yarn

I decided to take my questions to the person I knew would have the best insights on things to do during the fall and winter months here in Billings, the one and only Director Jeff. Here’s the transcript.

Winston: Today, I am here with my hero, role model and mentor, Director Jeff. Please say hello to all my fans.

Director Jeff: Hello, everyone.

W: Remember when I was just a baby sloth and we road tripped together to Billings? That was nice.

DJ: Of course I do, Winston! But back then, your name was just Choloepus Hoffmanni.

W: I like Winston better.

DJ: We all do, buddy!

Nights of lights3.jpg


W: So, Pabu tells me that he is also invited to Holiday Nights at ZooMontana. Is this true?

DJ: Well, Winston. He does live here, just like you.

W: Well, whose fault is that?

DJ: Winston, do you really want to get into this here, in front of all your fans?

W: I guess not. So, what can we expect at Holiday Nights?

DJ: There will be millions of festive, twinkling lights celebrating the holiday season for families to enjoy as they walk through the Zoo. And I hear there might even be s’mores huts for rent!

W: Can I eat a s’more too?

DJ: We’ll see if you’re on the naughty list or the nice list by then.

W: Sheesh. So strict all of a sudden. So, what else do you like to do in Billings during the fall and winter months?

DJ: I always love checking out the cool Christmas Trees at the Moss Mansion or watching a throwback Christmas movie at the Babcock Theater!



W: That sounds lovely! Can I come? Can I bring Bert?

DJ: If you don’t mind Pabu tagging along, sure!

W: I will think about it … Before I forget, Keeper Allyson wanted me to ask you where you’ve been keeping the keys to the zoo van these days. She can’t find them.

DJ: Nice try, Winston.

W: C’mon! I haven’t been to the Billings Brew Trail in a really long time.

DJ: Winston, you are a sloth.

W: Hmmmph. What kind of first name is “Director” anyways? Can I at least get a sweet potato?

DJ: Sure thing, Winston. And to all your fans, please come see us here in Billings!

W: Yes, please do!


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