Winston and Pabu Have a Chat

Winston and Pabu Have a Chat

Winston and Pabu Have a Chat

I recently caught up with Pabu, a red panda and ZooMontana’s second most famous resident, to see what he likes most about winter in Billings. Here is a transcript of our chat.

Winston: So, Pabu, it’s nice to have you here. Can I call you “Number 2?”

Pabu: I’d rather you didn’t.

W: Ok, so, Number 2, what are some of your favorite ways to explore Billings during the winter months?

P: It’s just Pabu. And, well, as you know, they don’t let us explore outside of the zoo as much after you and Bert stole the van the last time, but…

W: Crabflu, let me stop you right there. This interview isn’t a forum to make excuses for yourself. 

Nights of lights5.jpg


P: [audibly frustrated sigh] Ok. I suppose I like playing in the snow with Duli. And I am really looking forward to Holiday Nights here at ZooMontana. It will be nice to celebrate the season with all the visitors.

W: You were invited?

P: Sure. All the animals here are.

W: We’ll see about that, Shamu.

P: Winston, please. It’s Pabu. Paaa – Booo. Pabu.

W: Moving on. My fans really want to know, what are your thoughts on sweet potatoes?

P: I prefer fruit and biscuits for a nice treat. I suppose sweet potatoes would be fine.

W: Well that’s good, because I wasn’t going to share mine anyways. Is there anything else you would like to relay to my immense fan base and, by extension, your significantly smaller group of acolytes, Flampoo?

P: Just that there are many great ways to explore Billings during the cooler months, at least I’m told. I’ve heard the Alberta Bair Theater is very popular, and there are some truly stunning works of art at our local museums.



W: That’s enough, Number 2.

So there you have it, friends. Pabu doesn’t really have any great insights, as I suspected. But come see me, Winston, at Holiday Nights. And if the line at my house is too long, pass the time by heading over to see Ragstew. It’s significantly less crowded there. Now I have to go speak with Director Jeff about this alleged invite list.

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